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Uber Technologies, Inc., commonly known as Uber, is an American company that offers vehicles for hire, food delivery (Uber Eats), package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and, through a partnership with Lime, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental. The company is based in San Francisco and has operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide. It is one of the largest providers in the gig economy and is also a pioneer in the development of self-driving cars.


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Driver (Current Employee) says

"They are not make any thing for oun drivers they charge 25% in these days when all drivers are safring. They r not help on road and off the road. When we need help."

Uber/Lyft Driver (Current Employee) says

"Uber or LYFT take your pick works their drivers to death and does not pay fairly to say the least. If you ever use ride share just remember 1/2 of the fare at least is going to either platform and driver lucky if gets to keep half. Work whenever you wantReally bad pay"

Livraison UBER (Former Employee) says

"Payé moins que le SMIC, ne répondent plus au téléphone"

Uber Partner Driver (Former Employee) says

"pesimo mala atención a los driver es super mala estafan en las carerras y o te van responde"

Uber Driver (Current Employee) says

"Once they have taken their cut, you have paid your insurance and all the other revenue expendature, you're left working for less than minimum wage. Not worth it.NothingEverything"

Uber / UberEats Driver (Current Employee) says

"The company isn't making money, they haven't since they started. They basically squeeze restaurants and drivers and customers in an absolute race to the bottom while maintaining very high "commission" percentage against earnings. Money is not enough to have a normal life, it isn't enough to for basic needs. Avoid working for uber at all costs"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"Uber eats sometimes does not put all your trips and earnings on your account they Will have you delivering food in the hot 100 degrees weather on a bike in will not pay you for all your trips after you work so hard it’s not fair it’s FRAUD!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for 3 days and still nothing on my account yetWork when you wantThey don’t pay all your money for all your trips"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Same app for uber eats as uber ride share with same rules that dont apply to both situations. glitches out constantly no Quality Testing. No driver Help at all I drive to a closed restaurant to pick up and the app made me cancel,I don't get compensation.Make your own shiftsThey charge too much for a bad app"

Socio conductor (Current Employee) says

"Mala empresa, sin ganancia para los socios conductoresNingunoTodos, muy mala empresa"

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"rating system is a punishment for driver, always under stress from passenger rating. uber share sucks big time. some passengers are very rude and racist., they give u poor rating even if u do your best to cater to them."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The Job does not pay enough. Uber takes a lot of commission for itself while underpaying the driver. Income is not guaranteed. It is such an unstable job"

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Haven’t even started working for them yet and already know they are muthafuggers. There is no help when you need any. No customer service for employees or potential employees, the app is also fugged up and they choose whom they want to offer phone help to. My friend already working for them could go to the app and click to call support but when I clicked on account I was not shown the same options. Crooks liars.No prosDishonest cheats"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They are very sneaky in how much they compensate for themselves. The Tax summery is very unclear. What shows on the tax summery is not what you've gotten paid and deposited into your bank account. I've asked the people in Uber office about it and no one could explain the discrepancies. It's so horrible to work as an Uber driver. It's true that you have the freedom of choosing your own schedule but they're clearly and simply taking advantage of people who can't get other jobs and turn them into slaves for a few dollars at a time. If they offer a surge, it'll be for an hour or two in which by the time you get a pick up order, the surge time is over or you've only gotten to do only 1 order or passenger. Basically they make you rush through traffic and rush hour and stress yourself out to catch the surge fee. And for deliveries, half the time you get a parking ticket during a drop off because for every delivery you'd have to pay the parking and your Uber sign is not accepted for the city. so basically, you end up paying so much for the car insurance, expensive fuel and traffic/parking tickets with the same amount of money you just sweated to make plus all the stress and the toll it took on your body for sitting and driving for looooong period of hours. I stopped working for them over a year ago and haven't been happier. Freedom of scheduleNot making decent wage, waste of life, hard on the body, they steal your hard working money, too much expense, deteriorates your car"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"On average, you will not make minimum salary but it is better than starving to death if you own your own vehicle. If you are willing to do more than 50 hours a week on app.you will make moneyUber is taking more than 27.5% of your fare, because they do not consider the booking fee and government levy as part of the fare. Effectively, they take more than 30% of your fare!"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Give priority to listen driver not always customer is right. Ride hailing even customer make a driver rough driving, give driver poor rating, or customer rush, driver always rules, customer disobey , uber map is not accurate or perfect Driver gets deactivated customer complain, driver following rules uber navigation who to drop more 3 passenger. Uber pool.N/aN/a"

chofer ejecutivo (Former Employee) says

"No es una buena opción de empleo no se tiene ninguna prestación no hay sueldo seguroNingunoNo hay salario y prestaciones"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I been a driver for Uber the last 3 years part time this company is the worst in my experience you probably ask why did I work here because I need it money to pay bills so I did this job. Uber takes 25% but in reality they take more then that plus now they have this New system in the APP that will show you how much you can make per trip lately must trips now are between $2-$6 to drive 10-20 mins to pickup passengers to drive them couple of miles without even getting a single TIP as apreciation you tell me I hope they go out of business soon I feel really bad about all those hard working drivers that dont get pay fair this company only cares about you been a SLAVE of them now they use special stategy so drivers and passengers won't see how many drivers are aound the area so every time someone request a ride goes all over the place so if you looking to drive independently do it on your own by offering your services to friends, neighbors or peole around that you can trust getting in your car in my opinion.Flexible working hrs to be SLAVELow pay, COVID-19 Expose, No benefits of any king, No Future"

Uber Driver (Former Employee) says

"UBER is a great as an idea but it's the worest company on this earth because you dont get enough specially the uber team support is a disaster. My advice don't do it unless you just need 100 a day but dont forget 13 percent tax and car maintenance is on you not uber.Nice ideaLess money/ Paying taxes and car maintenance."

Happily Ex-UberEats Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was an UBER EATS driver and I was always set up to fail. I've always been offered a certain amount and given less. Every dispute I ever had was completely ignored. Everything approved was due to me I was giving excuses as to why it wasn't. To work for Uber eats is to waste 12 hours of your time to put most of what you made in gas. You chose your hrs and I worked a lot. And at the most I've driven 12 hours for several days They give notifications to pick up food and and after the driver has wasted an hour making the customer wait and then decide to cancel. The order is then sent to you and you accept it picking up and delivering within 10 minutes and instead of the customer giving you a thumbs up they give you thumbs down because you took an hour to deliver their food... They never update the customer on it being a new driver on route and they never update the driver that this customer has been waiting for a long time. that's what I mean about always being set up to fail and too many thumbs down equals you being removed from the platform and no longer able to drive for Uber. They're so unappreciative sneaky and greedy I'm grateful to not be working for them anymore!upanddecithey're not going DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!You didn't know Uber sucks and now you doUber will cheat you out of your money have you do all this driving and give you less at the end."

Uber eats driber (Former Employee) says

"These reviews must be faked because I have not met anybody whilst delivering that is happy with what they are getting paid by Uber. Not only is the pay rubbish but the Uber support team is even worse!NothingRubbish pay, long waiting times, horrible support team, terrible app"

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